Custom Laser Engraving & Cerakote

Personalized Engravings

Custom engravings are a great addition to a personal firearm. Laser engraving allows us to add precise and beautiful engravings to your gun without physical contact to its parts. The result is a beautiful, customized gun without any mechanical compromises.  Firearm engravings are a traditional, time-tested way to make a gun your own. And now, thanks to modern laser engraving technology, it’s easier than ever to add personal style to your firearms.


Consider letting us add some color to your firearm with a Cerakote or powder coating. Adding some color to a gun makes it stand out beautifully. We can work with solid colors or bolder designs. Cerakote is noted for other benefits as well. It is extremely hard, yet acts as a lubricant. This causes your firearm to demand less lubrication.


Gun performance is a serious priority. We at 2 Bravo understand that and don’t compromise on your firearm’s functionality. The addition of protective Cerakote can reduce the risk of rust and lubricate your gun. Additionally, laser engraving is a safe way to add the design features you want to your gun, without physically impacting the parts. This is true because the laser applies only heat in order to add your desired features. 

Firearm Engraving, Cerakote & Powder Coating

Treat your gun to an attractive Cerakote or powder finish. And, for an even finer touch, allow 2 Bravo to give your gun custom laser engravings. You’re gonna like it; we promise.

stippling engraved cerakote guns

We offer Cerakote and powder coating here at 2 Bravo. Check out the endless color option for Cerakote guns. Both types of finish offer fantastic aesthetics as well as reduce the tendency of your firearm to rust. Besides rust prevention, the finishes each have their own characteristics.   

Cerakote is a ceramic based finish, with many excellent properties. Some of its benefits include abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistance. Cerakote is an extremely hard and impact resistant material. It is also extremely thin. When absolute precision matters, that thinness can pay back. At 2 Bravo we apply it to wood, polymers, plastics, and metals. 

Given all the qualities of Cerakote finishes, it’s no wonder that it has been gaining in popularity among gun owners. Cerakote offers protection as well as style to your firearm. The coating acts as a lubricant, reducing your gun’s constant thirst for more oil. The broad range of colors available offer beautiful alternatives to the blued or stainless steel options generally available on firearms.

Powder coatings produce beautiful results, and are a time tested way to add character to your firearm. Having your gun coated can be an excellent layer of protection against rust. And, of course, it will look awesome.

Laser engravings allow us to add intricate design features to your custom firearm build. As long as there have been guns, there has been a demand for fine engravings on them. Laser engravings are the next technological step. They allow for extreme precision and are gentle to install.

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